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Someone Else's Success Does Not Mean Your Failure

I've been really into podcasts lately... I find them so interesting and so motivating. Earlier today, I was listening to one in particular, about not being in a hurry for success. One of her quotes really resonated with me; "Someone else's success does not mean your failure."

This is something that I have always struggled with. Being in your early 20's can be so strange, and at times, disheartening. Everyone is in such a different stage with their life; some are going to grad school, some are married with 3 kids, some are traveling the world, and some still live in their parent's basement. I often find myself comparing where my life is at, versus where I think it should be... because of that, I tend to get discouraged when I see someone get engaged, or buy a house, or land their dream career; I worry that I am "already" 22 years old and have "no success".

This isn't true at all, of course. I have been plenty successful in my own ways, and I have an entire life time to grow! Although it isn't always easy to see it that way. I always thought that I would be married with a successful career and nice car at the age of 23 (let's all laugh at my naivety) but now I am realizing that there is no timeline for life, even when we think there should be one. This past year, I have tried to replace my comparison's and envy with elation and motivation. Whenever I see someone else hit a big milestone in life, I now join in their celebration. Instead of feeling like I am failing, I take a minute to realize my own goals, and use it as my motivation to be a better me

More importantly, I am trying not to stress about what my timeline looks like. As a driven person, I have always tended to be a destination kind of person, but with 2018 coming to a close, I am striving in the next two months to just enjoy the journey instead. I am also learning to love others' success, and to love mine, no matter what it looks like. After all, love is everything.

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