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Valentine's Day Sweethearts

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to photograph my best friend's engagement photos and it was such a fun day! I love Erika and James' story, and documenting their love was so easy.

Erika and James met while they both were working at Barnes & Noble. Erika would describe to me, that she continued to randomly run into this guy at work (which she thought was a coincidence) but turns out James was making it a point to bump into Erika every chance he got! They started to hang out more and more, and then Valentine's Day rolled around. After hanging out for the night, James walked Erika to her car. They said goodbye and he turned to leave, then right back around; he said "I know it's cheesy to do this on Valentine's Day but I can't wait any longer... will you be my girlfriend?" Erika laughed, said yes, and then gave James an awkward high-five (which if you know Erika, this is so fitting and perfect).

Fast forward a few years later, to the summer of 2019. James and Erika are still working together, although they've moved on from Barnes & Noble, and spend most of their work days driving around Manitou and Garden of the Gods.

Erika went on a hike in the park one day, with her sisters. She recommended a trail, which was her and James' favorite hike. When they reached the top, James was there waiting, with the ring in his hand!

We finally scheduled this engagement shoot at the very end of January, just before their date-a-versary! The weather was freezing, as can be expected in January in Colorado. But we trekked up to Manitou Lake, trudged through the snow, braved the cold, and popped some champagne.

This February, they celebrated their 3-year anniversary and I feel so honored to be part of their story, and to capture important days like this for them. Their shoot was so fun and magical and you can truly see the love they share! I can't wait for their wedding this upcoming Summer, and to see what the future holds for these two friends of mine.

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