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How to Plan for your Wedding Details

Wedding décor flat lay picture with boho wedding invitations, vow books, rings, and terracotta color.

Wedding photographers often talk about how they love to document the "details" of wedding day. The details are easily some of the prettiest and most unique pictures to add to your story, but what do photographers mean when they say "details?" Of course there's the décor that you've probably spent months planning, buying and making for the ceremony and reception; things like signs, florals, and center pieces. Those are great and make really beautiful pictures, but what every photographer loves to document? Flat Lays.

Flat lays are stunning detail photos that typically include your invitations and save the dates, rings, etc. Not only do flat lays provide pretty pictures, but they can also serve as beautiful memories or tributes to your relationship. Adding sentimental details to be documented in your flat lay can add a lot of meaning to these photos and help tell your love story even more. Pro Tip: Put all of these items together the night before so you can just hand your photographer the box and let them get to work. Now you might be wondering, what should you put into these flat lays? Here are some of the best items to add to your wedding details pile for your photographer!

  • Wedding rings! Obviously rings are very important and sentimental. Make sure you have your engagement ring, wedding band AND your partners band as well. Keeping all three together will help you photographer save time so that they don't have to go searching for the rings themselves.

  • Other important jewelry. Whatever jewelry you've been gifted or bought for the big day should definitely be documented! Whether its a necklace, bracelet, other rings, or hair pieces, jewelry adds a little sparkle to your flat lay pictures.

  • Invitations and stationary. This includes your wedding invitations, save the dates, RSVP forms, time schedule or whatever else you sent for your guests. Pro tip: include a blank, white envelope and a picture of you and your partner to add a little elegance to the pile.

  • Shoes, veils and more! Any kind "clothing" that is significant to your "look" should be included in these detail photos. I recommend handing over the brides shoes, the groom shoes, veil, garter, tie and anything else that you took special time picking out for your big day. You'll want to remember the small pieces of your attire, I promise!

  • Loose florals. Whether you have a professional florist, or you made your florals yourself, save a few extra pieces for your photographer to add in to the flat lay. Florals add a punch of color and really liven up the photos. I always ask my couples if I can also document the bridal bouquet and groom boutonnière as well. You want to be able to look back on these special items and remember how they added to your day.

  • Perfume and cologne bottles. Most people buy a really nice, elegant perfume or cologne to wear to fancy events, like your wedding. I love adding these to flat lay pictures because seeing the bottles can instantly remind you of the smell. Part of documenting these special memories is doing it in a way that will help you relive the special day by remember emotions, sights, songs, and smells.

  • More than anything, include sentimental items that mean a lot to your relationship and help tell your love story! This can be anything from a bumper sticker, a special pin, a hand-me-down or family heirloom, a meaningful gift like a watch or a flask, or customized items like a hand made garter or engraved cufflinks. These pictures are meant to document what is important to you.

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