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How it all started...


Growing up, I've always had an artistic side to me. I loved to color, paint, doodle, redesign my room, read, write, and basically create anything I could. 

I've also been so determined to just zip through life. When I was younger, I would just daydream my way through the day. Thinking of what tomorrow would look like, next week, next year... five years from now.. But I never really focused on the present. 

Then, summer of 2012 a huge life event happened, and my outlook on everything changed. June 19, 2012. That is  the day one of my favorite people on Earth, decided to take his own life. My Uncle Jed, left behind his wife, and two babies, and an entire extended family who would never be the same after his death. 

The following year, another big life event happened. On November 9th, 2013 my Aunt, from the other side of my family, was shot by her husband and killed. These were my first real experiences with death. With losing someone close, and realizing that you would never get to see them again. The only thing left of my Aunt and Uncle, are the memories I have of them.


Ever since those two summers, my outlook on photography changed drastically. Sure, photography is a beautiful form of art. But even more so, photography is one of the only ways to preserve the people and things we love. 

It has been my goal ever since, to learn and grow as an artist so that I'm able to capture true memories, so that everyone can relive those moments that they can't get back. 

Although I am honored to photograph any occasion in your life, I specialize in engagement and wedding photography; simply put... I LOVE love. I love to see, create, spread and capture love in all of it's wonderful forms! 

I can't wait to get together, and create some wonderful memories for you; Let's chat!

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