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Opposites Attract

You know the saying that opposites attract? Well, based on all the amazing couples I know in my life I am a full believer that this is true. One of the best examples that could prove this, is the relationship between Amber and Jeremy. I had the privilege of meeting Amber and Jeremy through some mutual friends, and over the past year we've gotten to know each other really well!

I did a valentine's mini session for these two last February (where ironically my car got broken to, Amber's purse was stolen and their car key was lost forever). Despite the complications of the day, the shoot went really well and we had so much fun! The stolen purse is now a distant, funny memory and actually made the three of us a lot closer!

When Amber and Jeremy asked me to photograph their wedding I was ecstatic! Knowing their friend group, and their families I knew the wedding would be nothing short of amazing; and it was just that.

There were a ton of different things that made their wedding amazing, but something that really stood out to me were the toasts! Toasts are often my favorite part of a wedding (besides the daddy/daughter dances, those always get me teary eyed). But there was an obvious trend with the speeches given about Amber and Jeremy. Everyone mentioned how well these two balance each other, how they act as a Yin/Yang in their relationship. Each toast was moving, funny, and well written. But I love how everybody can clearly see that these two opposites not only attract, but completely balance each other out and compliment the other!

Amber is well organized and factual and plans everything. Jeremy is very easy-going and brings a calm presence. As a pair, they are an unstoppable force and create an amazing couple.

These two are a perfect fit and it's obvious for everyone to see. They are fun, silly, loving, and balanced and that's only a few things that make them such a great pair.

They married on the shortest day of the year to represent their relationship, and it was truly such a magical day! I am so grateful I got to photograph this beautiful day, but I am even more grateful to know such an amazing couple and to call them my friends.

Cheers, Mr. and Mrs. Brooks!

Photographer: Echo Lankford Events & Photography

Venue: Tapestry House

Coordinator: Tia with Wedgewood Weddings

DJ: Nick with DJ Maestro

Baker: Fiona's Delicatessen

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