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My Person

It's the new trend to have a "person". You know, the cheesy way to describe your best friend, in Grey's Anatomy. (Don't get me wrong because I'm totally obsessed with Grey's, just like everyone else). But it seems insincere to use that phrase, just for the sake of using it. To me, your person shouldn't be an interchangeable name, used among several people. If it's truly your person then that shouldn't be a name that you just throw around.

I witnessed the best example of having a "person" this past weekend. I've known Jake and Joy for a long time now, but I always seem to get a deeper look at people when I'm staring at them through my lens. While photographing them, it is undeniable that they truly are best friends, before anything else.

Jake and Joy practically grew up together; they were neighbors in Minnesota when they were younger. They stayed in touch even years after Jake's family moved to Colorado. Fast-forward a bit, and these two besties soon found themselves as a little more than just friends. They've been together for about five years now! Although it's obvious that they love each other, the biggest thing that stands out is their friendship; even after all this time.

When I hear the phrase "my person" that is exactly what I think of... someone who you can run around with, holding hands, kissing, laughing, but someone who you can also be 100% yourself around. Someone who knows and understands everything about you, and who is above all else, your very best friend.

I always feel honored to capture couples with this kind of relationship! I'm still swooning over how cute their Valentine's Day inspired mini session turned out.

If you have a true "person" tell them how important they are to you; because although it seems like a common thing, it's actually very rare, and special to find someone who means that much to you.

Love is Everything,


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