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Middle of Nowhere

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere... and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

This is one of my favorite quotes, and recently I was reminded of it.

Last Saturday, I had the honor of photographing Brooke and Matt's perfect little family. We decided to do the maternity shoot at Brooke's mom's property, to avoid the stress and struggle of making them run all around town. Her mom lives outside of Elbert, an adorable little farm town, east of Colorado Springs. While driving out to the location, I found myself slipping on ice, rolling on washboard dirt roads, and twisting around steep corners. I had the thought of "Wow they kind of live in the middle of nowhere."

Once I got to the house, we started exploring and snapping some photos, and all thoughts about the distant location escaped my mind. Instead, I found myself in awe of the absolute beauty I was surrounded by. Rolling, golden hills, hidden creeks, beautiful pine trees, snowy mountains in the distance, vibrant blue skies...

This family grew up surrounded by this beauty; Gina, (Brooke's mom) owns a second ranch which they use as a stunning Wedding Venue location. They grew up with these fields, the views, the animals, and outdoors; growing up in a world that revolves around technology, social media, traffic and commuting, it was refreshing to be in such a tranquil environment.

I actually just moved up to Denver and it has been a crazy transition. My commute is 45 minutes long. I am constantly stuck in traffic, people are everywhere you look, even the aisles in the grocery stores are crowded! Being out in the open, and quiet gave me some much needed time to think.

After the shoot, I was driving home just as the sun was going down. The sky molded into a brilliant blue and orange swirl, and the rolling hills turned to a vibrant amber hue. I had happy tunes dancing through my speakers and in that moment I was completely content. The drive home flew by, and instead of the ranch seeming like it was in the "middle of nowhere" it felt like the it was a little piece of heaven. It was honestly such a great reminder that we all just need to take a moment in this busy life, and s l o w d o w n. Simplicity is a gift that we all take for granted. As the sun was finally drifting behind the mountains, that little quote popped into my head, and it was a perfect way to describe my Saturday.

I hope this upcoming week, you all find time to slow down, go explore, get a little lost, and find yourself . And I hope you always remember that love is everything.



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