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Perfectly Imperfect

Although it was on the brink of snowing, the sky was giving off a beautiful golden haze. The sun was reflecting off the golden grass, swaying in the open field. Allie and Dylan were snuggled together in a blanket; laughing, dancing, and loving on each other while their two pups ran around them.

I have never really photographed dogs (besides my own) until that day. I had an image in my mind of what the photos would look like: Allie and Dylan in the middle, their two trusted fur babies posing proudly next to their owners; the dogs practically smiling into the camera; a perfect little family shot.

Instead, we got playful puppies who wanted to wander, and run, and chase the ball, and go see the cows! I'm not sure why I thought the dogs would just calmly sit and cooperate but that's definitely not what happened. But instead, we got the BEST candid, in the moment, HAPPY shots with those doggos. We got pictures of Lucy chasing her mom, and Tuff innocently sniffing around, and both dogs staring at grandma for more treats... and honestly those pictures turned out 1,000 times better than any "perfect" ones I could've imagined. They captured this beautiful little family in their in their truest form, and those are the photos that always turn out the best!

Allie and Dylan met each other 4 years ago, but it wasn't until a year and a half ago that they officially got together. To hear their story makes me smile ear to ear! Allie told me about their first date; "I told him to pick me up for dinner, which was huge for me. Single Allie was strong and independent and would meet at the places, just in case I needed to run."

Well, obviously there was no running anymore, because she and Dylan are the perfect couple, and anyone can see that. When asked what she really loves about Dylan, Allie described how he challenges her to be a better version of herself and how to let go.

I asked what she loved most about our photo-shoot that day, and she replied, "My favorite thing was pushing Dylan out of his comfort zone. He doesn't love to show PDA and I loved getting him to do it. He would do anything for me."

So when I see these playful pictures, that are just so in the moment, I don't see the "picture-perfect" family shots, with the happy couple and two dogs. I see this amazingly fun couple, who are SO excited to get married. I see a little family who has started to build a life together. I see perfectly, imperfect happiness. I see pure love... and we all know I always like to say: love is everything.

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