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As the year is quickly coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on 2018 and all the highs and lows that came with it. Every year I seem to sum it all up with a single word;

2014: Uncertainty.

2015: Loss.

2016: Change.

2017: Avail.

2018: Learn.

This year I've decided to assign 2019 a word before it even begins...

2019: Growth.

With everything that I've learned in 2018, I am certain that growth is the only option for the new year. As cheesy as it is, I've always been a big resolution kind of person. Maybe not necessarily a "New Years Resolution" but any kind of attempt for self improvement. I genuinely think that no matter where you're at in life, you can always work to be a better version of yourself.


Today, I sat down and made a list of all things I want to improve for myself; physically, mentally, spiritually. Some of those things included:

* More self care

* Take more rest days for yourself

* Recycle

* Read for pleasure

* Be kind to everyone you come across

* No negative thoughts

* Take action on your dreams

* More adventures

* Stop saying "some day"

* Take more time to improve your relationship with God

* Reflect more often

* Watch less TV

* Take more risks

* Meditate

* Learn a new skill

* Pause for a moment to take it all in

* Take more pictures


It is so refreshing to sit with yourself and reflect on what your goals are. How can you improve yourself? How can you be happier? What steps can you take to reach your goals? How can you improve others' lives? What changes need to be made to your daily routine?

If you haven't started your reflections, resolutions, goals then I suggest you take a moment to think about it. You can always learn more about yourself and aim to improve. I hope the new year brings you all of your unanswered prayers, abundant love, overwhelming success and all the happiness you can imagine. Here's to love and growth; love is everything!


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