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Attitude of Gratitude

My biggest goal for 2018 was to change my attitude. As we are about to enter the last month of this year, I can confidently say that this was actually a lot more challenging then I first thought it would be. I consider myself a pretty positive, upbeat person. But when I chose to consciously be aware of my attitude, I realized that wasn't always the case.

I realized that it is so easy to get caught up in the moment and complain about the smallest things in life; having to stay late at work, getting caught in traffic, being tired or hungry.

Once I started to pay attention to my thoughts, I learned that I tended to complain about family matters, things I thought were out of my control, toxic people in my life and how they treated me. I was constantly a victim of my circumstances. I dwelled on the fact that I received little financial help from my parents. I complained that my only option was to work around the clock, to just barely get by. I was jealous of my friends for the opportunity to attend a big, fancy college with no financial repercussions.

Once I had these realizations though, my goal was to change my outlook on these topics. I no longer wanted to play the victim card.

Because here's the thing... There are a lot of things in life that are out of my control. There will always be things out of my control. But the one thing I will always have control over, is my attitude.

A few months ago, I heard a phrase that really stuck with me; "Keep an

Attitude of Gratitude". And that is what I strive to do, every day. I will no longer be a victim of circumstance. If something in life goes wrong, I will choose to respond in only positive ways. If I am feeling drained from a long week at work, I will choose to be grateful for a job that keeps me busy. If I am frustrated from being stuck in traffic, I will choose to be grateful for a working car to get me to the places I need to be. If I have to wake up at 5:00am for school, I will choose to be grateful for the opportunity for a good education. If there is a toxic relationship in my life, I will choose to be grateful for what they've taught me, and for the strength and forgiveness I've found in myself.

One way that I've changed my way of thinking, is to write down 5 things I am grateful for every morning. I've tried to make it part of my daily routine. I've found that if I do this before my day even starts, I am more likely to maintain a positive attitude through out the day. It makes me conscious of the fact that I am lucky for a new day, with unlimited new chances. I have the power to choose how I am going to react to everything that happens that day. I have the power to make it a good or bad day. I have the power to choose positivity, and love, and kindness.

I challenge you to change your way of thinking. Change your reactions to things. Change your attitude. For every negative thing that happens to you, repeat 5 positive things that could come from that experience. For every mean thing said to you, repeat 5 nice things back to that person. For every sad thought, repeat 5 wonderful things you're thankful for in your life. Start posting about all your triumphs in your life, big and small and spread the positivity! Think how wonderful the world would be if we all strove for this kind of mindset on a daily basis.

And always remember, Love is Everything.

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