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6 Tips To Help Your Wedding Photographer

Everything about your wedding day will fly by so fast! You will want to take in every moment of it and also try to avoid any chaos. Being as prepared as you can for your photographer will ensure that your photography coverage goes smoothly and that you're getting the most out of the time that you've paid for. (Plus your photographer will really appreciate is as well). Follow these 6 tips to be ready for your wedding photos on the big day!

1. Clean up your “getting ready” room before your photographer arrives. It doesn't matter if your venue provides a big separate space to get ready, or if you're using the master bathroom of your mom's house... Make sure the area is clean and photo ready! Clean up and hide any loose clothing items, shoes, robes, etc. before the photographer gets there. This will save them from having to ask you to clean up and it will save everybody time in the long run. Make sure to stash your bags under furniture, or stack them orderly in the corner so that they don't clutter the floor or counter-tops. Clean up all of the trash, food and drinks from earlier in the day and make sure that all surfaces are clear. It's also important to pull back all drapes and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible; this will make your photos look so much more fresh and bright!

2. Gather all photograph-able details and jewelry and have them ready to go so that your photographer can take photos of them as soon as they arrive. This includes your veil, shoes, rings, invitation and save the date, florals, jewelry, guarder belt, etc. Having them together, and all ready to go will save your photographer time from having to gather them.

3. Try to be in your dress and “ready” about an hour before your ceremony is scheduled to start. I know it sounds overzealous, but trust me this will save you so much time and stress. Most photographers love to do bridesmaid photos and bridal portraits before the ceremony. If everyone is ready to go, you will have plenty of time to do some fun, wacky, and beautiful shots with your girls, instead of feeling rushed with 10 minutes to squeeze a few pictures in before you walk down the aisle. Trust me, you do not want to feel stressed minutes before your grand entrance to the alter!

4. Consult with your photographer about the timeline of the photos of the day. Plan it together around what you think will flow best and listen to your photographers advice; they know what they’re talking about! Just going with the flow has some risk of missing photo opportunities and causing unnecessary stress. Make sure you have a plan for the flow of the day!

5. Ask your parents, grand-parents and close friends to look over your shot list a few days prior to the wedding, so that they will know who should be ready to take photos and what they can expect when that time comes. This makes the group photos go by so much more quickly.

6. Do a FIRST LOOK. You will not feel as rushed to do your portraits together, and it can create an intimate and beautiful moment between the two of you. You also get all your nerves out before the ceremony and can end up with some really cute photos! Most photographer are going to highly recommend a first look with your significant other.


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