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Everything and more...

Echo captured my wedding day in all the best ways! The photos were everything and more that we could have wanted; 100 percent would recommend her to anyone needing that special day captured...


Professional and patient...

Echo captured my daughter's wedding day wonderfully... She was very professional, patient and passionate all day. She delivered great service and beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!


Goes above and beyond...

Echo captured my wedding day beautifully! She goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you want...


Hey Y'all, I'm Echo...

I've loved photography since the 7th grade! I'm always learning, exploring, and creating new things.


I was born in Moab, Utah and I've lived in Colorado for most of my life. I'm always inspired by the surrounding mountains, as well as my desert roots.

I live in Grand Junction with my husband Nate and our mini aussie, Indigo.

I work as a Kindergarten teacher and LOVE IT but photography is my artistic outlet, and I love it just as much!

I specialize in wedding photography; I live, eat, sleep and breathe weddings. I've done it all; from wedding catering, venue property management, coordinating, and now photography! I know the wedding world inside and out and I cannot wait to capture your perfect day!!

Let's get creating!


"One thing you see from my photos, is I was not afraid to fall in love with these people..."


-Annie Leibovitz

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